Finishing technique


For excellent embroidery quality on a wide range of products such as terry towels, cotton blankets and professional clothing.

Embroidery Patch

Such embroidery patches allow the placement of logos at positions not available for other decorations.

3D Embroidery

Embossed embroidery – an interesting and fashionable embroidery process. It is possible to embroider in multiple layers, so that the pattern is embellished.

Screenprinting with plastisol-ink

Very high-quality and extremely robust textile finishing can be achieved with plastisol-inks. This method ensures the best possible matching with Pantone color Standards.

Glow in the Dark

A great special effect ink for celebrations and special events, such as in clubs and bars.


An innovative method for decorating textiles such as cotton and Polyester.


These tiny transparent plastic particles in different sizes and colors create a fascinating effect. Great for creating mosaic effects.


Glass or metal jets on selected design elements or the entire logo give the T-shirt a fashionable and attractive look.


Light elements in the ink illuminate selected print areas of an original.


Small glitter elements in the ink give the picture or a picture cut an elegant and graceful effect.


The particles of this ink have different diameters, creating a glitter effect on the transparent base.


A transparent 3D coating, which causes the effect of “wetness” on the fabric.

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