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Husemann Textiles and more … has a wide range of merchandising articles, – solutions with the focus and the particular depth in the field of textile merchandising.

We implement the interests of the companies so that our solutions significantly increase customer relationships and customer turnover. With our materials we realize your brand message.

For many well-known companies, we have already developed and implemented the complete range of services; No matter whether airlines, ship lines, car companies, they all have already benefited from the Husemann know-how.

This also applies to the world of sport in which we have been at home for decades; So we have developed and distributed the complete “Football’s- Coming-Home” collection. (For further information see the chapter: Football’s- Coming-Home).

There are no limits to creativity and possibilities, especially in the area of ​​textile merchandising; With our merchandising products you always produce a positive effect and achieve the desired effect.

A picture says more than 1000 words: The accompanying photo illustrates in a very vivid way what kind of textile merchandising we have already successfully realized; You also profit from our experience and our skills.

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