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To illustrate what exactly is meant by customized textiles, please see the documentation for a classic customized textiles project.

In 2012, Husemann Textiles and more, together with a well-known Berlin agency and Sky Deutschland AG, developed a very special fleece blanket, which should meet the very high demands of Sky.

Tasks: Function, aesthetics and high advertising effectiveness. (UK and marketing product)

Sky is an international media group headquartered in Munich; Operates e.g. A pay TV service).

The first series featured a black ceiling with the white Sky Sport HD logo; It was developed over time to the present version in this blue and the partner S.Oliver on the mount.

Husemann was completely involved in the basic idea, the development and the complete realization. Husemann Textiles and more now produces the complete production line. Continuous quality control, final inspection and shipping are handled by Husemann in order to ensure a continuous, consistent, excellent quality.

This is just one of many examples that demonstrate how excellent solutions, especially in the area of customized textiles, are created in cooperation with the market partners.

The sooner Husemann Textiles and more is already involved in the planning, the more professional our service is to you.

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